Saturday, March 30, 2013

{ look who's 6 months...well...a while ago }

Alexander actually turned 6 months on the 17th and I took pictures that day...however we've been a bit busy with everyone getting sick...first Evan had some stomach virus...then Alex got his 6th ear infection...and lastly MJ got sick.  Thankfullly I haven't...I've just had to clean up all the mess.  ick.

So before I forget....

Weight : 
15 pounds 14 oz (with clothes and diapers on)
Diapers : 
Size 3
Clothes :
6 months still fitting decently - but he'll probably grow out of them soon.
Food : 
 Because of said ear infections (seriously - he's had 3 this past month) he hasn't really nursed.  And since we've gone through the stash of breastmilk we had in the freezer faster than I wanted to - he's been drinking a "sensitive" formula.  But he's also recently gotten back into nursing so we're doing a little bit of everything.
He's also been eating solids like a champ.  Normally its oatmeal mixed with a fruit for breakfast and dinner and a veggie in the afternoon for lunch.  He pretty much eats whatever we throw at him but we've recently given him some avocado slices in a mesh bag and he sucks that stuff down like it's going out of style.

Sleeping : 
Holy buckets.  Seriously.  Sleep hasn't been going well in our home.  Especially him with the ear infections.  Sometimes he'll get some good night sleep only getting up once or twice.  Then other nights (especially when the ear infections are coming on) he's up every 90 minutes or so.  Naps are also a crap shoot.  Sometimes he will take two 2-hour long naps and other days he cat naps a couple of times through out the day.
mmm...not really sure...It's kinda been a whirl wind of a month so I'm sure there has been a thing or two
Life with Alex :
  Like I said it's been a heck of a month.  Especially with all his ear infections.  We're now looking at going to an ENT to rule out anything physical that would cause him to have so many ear infections.  If so we're might be looking at tubes in his ear and possibly removing his tonsils...however if he's just a kid who's prone to them...I'll probably look into alternatives like chiropractic care or olive oil in his ears daily (has anyone heard of this and does it work?)
Otherwise, Mr. Alex is so full of piss and vingar.  He really is a Carver male.  Loud and opinionated.  He army crawls/rolls to get things.  And watches his brother like a hawk.  Alex feels that whatever we have he surely needs it his new favorite toy?  the XBOX controller. He's even accidently figured out how to turn it on.  (so I remove the battery pack before he gets his hands on it.)
I love that Alex is such a momma-baby.  Seriously nothing is better than coming home to Alex smiling, panting (out of excitement) and waving his arms at me to pick him up when I first walk through the door after work.  Since he's half-weaned himself off of nursing I still miss that connection at times - but I'm lucky that we've gotten this far and that we are still somewhat continuing this breastfeeding journey.
Overall next month I'm looking forward to watching him continuing to grow...personality and all.

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