{ our love story }

{ Mike and I on our wedding day }

Mike and I met because of  a crush.  Not his or mine.  But a crush of a mutual friend's.  He didn't want come visit me alone at the coffee shop that I used to work at.  Mike and I had known each other, but we officially met in the Spring of 2003, which also happened to be our senior year in high school.

While I was taken back by how tall he was, he had me laughing within seconds of me meeting him.  We had been talking about prom and how Mike didn't think he was going to go.  Later, I had told our mutual friend that I would go with Mike if he wanted to go.  Mike apparently never got the message.  About a week after meeting Mike, he left a note on my '79 Chevy truck asking me to prom.  I, of course, said yes.

After Prom, Mike and I talked, but never really dated.  I left for Bismarck, ND for college and Mike stayed at home.  After breaking it off with an off again, on again boyfriend, Mike and I reconnected.  3 months after we started dating he proposed.  6 months later we were married.

We were only 20 when we got married, but even if we had waited, we still would have gotten married.  Now almost 7 years later, we are still going strong.  Mike is the love of my life.  He is my rock and my home.  We've had our ups and downs the past couple of years, but it has only made our marriage stronger.

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