Sunday, June 22, 2014

{ currently }

{ Evan and his very first fish }

It was a long weekend.  We took off late Thursday night go spend sometime with my sister and brother in law at his family cabin in northern MN.  It was long and fun.  Full of sun and water and quite a few tears from the boys about swimming in the lake - but we did have fun.

but currently ::

reading ::  Cinder by Marissa Meyer - it's  retelling of Cinderella and I'm already half way through the book.  I'm contemplating seeing if the second book is available at one of the libraries in the area.

writing ::  to do lists and reading lists.  I feel like as soon as I finish one book and I've added several to my reading list.

listening :: A Thousand Years cover by the Piano Guys.  I absolutely love them and the covers they do.  It puts the boys to sleep and I enjoy listening to

thinking ::  birthdays...Evan turns 8 on Wednesday and two weeks later I enter the last year of my twenties.  I still haven't figured out what to get Evan nor have I figured out what exactly I want to do for my own birthday - but I'm sure it will come to me.

smelling ::  sunshine and sunscreen.  We spent a great deal of time outside the boys smell of the sun.  It's also worn them out which is awesome!

wishing :: I had another day off to get things back in least I only have to wait two days.

hoping ::  for good things this week...

wearing :: jammies because I'm headed off to bed soon...hopefully

wanting ::  to take a photography class...I have this dslr camera for months and it would be nice to REALLY know how to take pictures with it instead of always leaving it on auto.

needing ::  some good sleep...I haven't slept for days since the bed we had at the cabin should be burned and buried in the woods.

feeling ::  a little heart-sick...hopefully good things will come this week.

what are you currently up to?

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