Sunday, June 8, 2014

{ sunday currently :: 4th edition }

This has to be on of my new favorite pictures of Evan.  My camera is filled with of pictures of Alex since he'll humor me and sit in front of the camera.  Evan normally runs off as soon as he sees me whip it out and only humors me when he feels like it.

Oh well....but here's what I've been up to...

READING ::  So I've been on a reading kick recently.  I've read more in the past few months that I have in years and it feels wonderful.  I grew up in a household where I read a book a night and my mom would have to come and take books from me so I would go to sleep.  So far I've demolished Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuireWalking Disaster by Jamie McGuireLosing It by Cora CarmackRacing Savannah by Miranda Kenneally, and Juliet Immortal by Stacey Jay.  Most them were good and I'll probably read more written by the authors, except Miranda Kenneally.  Maybe I need to give another one of her books a chance - but I just didn't like her writing style.  

WRITING ::  I keep promising myself that I will write more here and in journals.  It's cathartic and it's something that I need to find time to do.  Even if it's only a sentence.

LISTENING ::  To children playing outside.  While both of my kids are tucked into bed since we start our days off super early during the week, but it reminds me of summer days when the street lights coming on was my curfew and if my mom whistled we needed to hurry our butts home.

SMELLING ::'s here and I love it.

WISHING ::  For another day off.  I've been off all weekend, but I wish I could have another day off just to relax and get caught up on everything else that I wanted to do this weekend.

HOPING ::  That everything goes well when we head up to the cabin in two weeks.  We're spending a long weekend up at my brother in-law's family cabin before he heads back to Afghanistan for work.  It will be at least another couple of months before he's on leave again and Mike has been missing his friend.  Hopefully the boys will behave on the long car ride there and back and will do well at the lake.

WEARING :: My usual uniform of jeans and a t-shirt.

LOVING :: my husband.  It sounds kind of cheesy but I'm trying to make more of an effort to love my husband in the way that he feels loved best.  

WANTING :: A bigger home.  We outgrew our apartment years ago, but the rent is cheap and I know that we can afford it, especially with Mike in school and with daycare.  But I can still dream, right?

NEEDING :: To go to bed, the start of my day will be here sooner than I expect and since I've been up since 6 - I should probably go to bed sooner rather than later.

FEELING ::  Unsure.  It seems odd but the past few weeks have been stressful and I have felt unsure about everything.  But things are looking up, I'm still just unsure about it all.

What you currently up to?

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