Friday, March 30, 2012

{ insta-friday 3/30 }

life rearranged 

At 14 weeks and 3 days, I could no longer go without maternity jeans.  Thankfully Mike was able to stay at home with Mr. Little and my middle sister joined me at the MOA for some girl time and shopping.  PS. Maggi picked out what we've dubbed now as "sparkly jeans" and I LOVE THEM!

Mr. Little was sick this past weekend.  This is him.  Sick.  After the meds had kicked him.  About 3 hours later...this little man was zonked out on his floor because he once again was feeling whatever crud he had.

I learned this week that taking Crosstown (or highway 62) wasn't a very good idea even at 4:15 in the afternoon.  Lesson learned...

THESE.  ARE.  MY.  OBSESSION.  or my main pregnancy craving at the moment.  Mike had been searching for the 1 pound bag of these and finally got the idea to look in the baking section.  Lets just say he was my hero that night.  Mr. Little told me that I was as happy as pig in mud when I got these.  Not sure what I think about being compared to a pig right now...but I was.

For the past couple of months, Evan has been going to bed a half an hour early just so I can read to him.  After reading the scriptures, we've been reading a chapter of Harry Potter or as much of a chapter we can before it's 8 o'clock.  We're almost done with book 1...Hopefully we'll be able to finish (or come super close) to finishing the series by the end of the year.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

{ breath...just 'bleepin' breath }

I'm not good with change.  I love the idea of change.  But when it's actually happening, my body and mind completely freak out leaving the normal cool headed me a sweaty, hyperventilating mess.

Besides shopping at the MOA for maternity pants because I can no longer squeeze into my 'fat' jeans, Mike and I went to look at some new rental townhomes today.  After looking at all our options and talking about what we felt would be best for us, we decided on a place not far from where we live now and is in the school district that both Mike and I graduated from.  Mike is going to hand in our application tomorrow.  I honestly feel good about this place.  We know another couple that lives there, we'll still be in the same ward, and the manager was completely open to working with our sucky credit.  (and ps...since the pony maybe leaving soon to go live in Kansas with my mom...we could EVENTUALLY get a dog...just sayin')

But then we started making a list of everything that we need to do in the couple of months before we move.  We need to spring clean and get rid of all the junk that I don't want to move to another place.  We need to deep clean where we currently live (including cleaning the carpets and painting simply because they will charge us if we don't either do it ourselves or pay for it upfront)  We need to get Mr. Little registered for school in the school district that we will be moving into (but we have to wait until we have an actual address that we will be moving into). 

And the decisions about 2 or 3 bedrooms.  We loved both and will most likely go with a 3 bedroom, but if they don't have one available by the time we absolutely have to move, we are open to a 2 bedroom since the manager told us we can always upgrade.  But even in the 3 bedroom, we're trying to figure out if it would work best for the kids to have seperate rooms or bunk together for a little while.  I'm not against them sharing a room, especially since Baby Little will most likely spend the first couple months in our room until he or she is sleeping through the night.

Either way thinking about everything that is piling on RIGHT. AT. THIS. VERY. MOMENT.  is making me a mess.  It needs to happen.  It will happen.  And once it's all said and done it will be fantastic.  I know it will be.  But until then...I just need to breath. 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

{ sick day }

{ sick...can't you tell that Mr. Little is getting a little annoyed with me? }

I guess I should have figured this was how our day was going to go.  Mr. Little didn't sleep very well last night (normally my first clue that he's getting sick).  I woke up at 6 am with revenge of the morning sickness (thank goodness for Zofran), and then Evan woke up an hour later crying for Daddy.  After a quick phone call to Daddy, Evan then promptly went into the bathroom and threw up.  Lovely.  

So I packed us up and off we went to Urgent Care.  The Doctor thought it was strep, but when the rapid test came back negative, he figured it was Tonsilitis mixed with the Flu.  He did do a culture...but we won't know the results until Sunday evening/Monday morning.  (thank goodness Mr. Little has spring break next week).

After we went to Target to get some supplies (lunch, popsicles, movies), Mr. Little crashed for an hour.  We had lunch and then he crashed again for a couple of hours.  This evening after a dose of tynenol, he was up to his old tricks again.  We had to constantly remind him that although he was feeling better, he was still sick and dancing around the living room wasn't going to help him feel any better once the meds wore off.

Thankfully he's in bed and asleep.  I'm a bit worried that his fever will return when his meds wear off in an hour or so, but at least Mike restocked our supply this afternoon, because preggo here forgot to pick some up since she thought we had plenty.  Preggo (meaning me) was completely wrong.  Thank Goodness for Daddies!

I told Mr. Little that tomorrow was most likely going to be another sick day, pending on how he sleeps and whether or not he still has a fever.  Hopefully the weather is crappy so it won't be so bad if we have to stay inside again.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

{ 13 weeks }

Happy 13 weeks, Baby Little!

Holy buckets am I excited that you have made it this far.  We have 27 more weeks until we get to meet you...and I can't wait to hold you for the very first time.  Here in a few more weeks, we'll get another peek at you and see if you are a boy or a girl.  To be honest...I just want you healthy.  But Daddy and I are kinda thinking you might be a girl this time.  If you are a boy...I'll totally take that too.  We've done boys before...we know what we're getting into.  Either case, you'll be ours and totally and completely loved by us.

I'm excited to hear your heartbeat again on Thursday.  Because of what happened last time, hearing your heartbeat gives me comfort.  Because I know that you are there.  Alive and kicking.  As soon as I can feel your kicks, I'm sure I'll feel better about everything.  ( making me completely and utterly sick and miserable due to morning sickness has given me some comfort...but honestly...can we be done with that now?)

Baby Little, you are totally and completely loved by me and your Daddy (and your brother too, he says good night to you every night).  I've waited over 5 years for you, and you have been well worth the wait.  I'm counting down the weeks until we get to finally meet you and come closer to completing our little family.  (but seriously...if you are a's going to probably make baby #3 our last...but then again...probably not ;))

Friday, March 16, 2012

{ freakin' out }

Not going to lie...I'm kinda of freaking out.  About numerous things.  

1.  Us moving.  We have oh...45 days to turn in our notice.  I kinda want us to have already put down a deposit on the new place before we give notice, but that might not be the case.  That and trying to decide what would work for us financially.  Our housing budget has increased significantly (thanks Fairview!) but I will be out of work for almost 2 months.  I've been looking at larger 2 bedrooms instead of 3 or 4 bedrooms, thinking that we could easily afford a "smaller" place than what we can "technically" afford and then upgrade the following year.  Mike's not liking my idea at all...

2.  Being sick.  All.  the.  time.  I ran out of Zofran over the weekend and didn't really think about getting my prescription filled since the morning sickness had been manageable if not nonexistent.  Until this morning at 3 am when it came back with a vengeance.  To be honest, I thought there was no way I was going to make it through work...but I did.  I've also had no energy.  Which when I'm the only one who really cooks, cleans, pays the bills, etc...things haven't really been getting done.  Here's hoping that this weekend (although I work) I'll be able to accomplish a couple of things.

3. mmm...just generally freaking out about having another child.  Everything has really been worked out...well...except our living situation.  But Evan will be in all day Kindergarten next year, leaving Mike with only baby to worry about during the day.  And Fridays?  Well, we had always planned for baby to go to daycare.  I've been poking around...but I figured it didn't make much sense to do much in that department until we've figured out where we'll be living first.  oh.  and all the stuff.  I complied a list of everything we need...oh lord...remind me when I get sick of looking at all the baby stuff to put it in storage so I never have to buy all this stuff again.  (we're planning on at least having one more...if not more :) ) 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

{ mr. little's new suit :: super cute }

{ mr. little and I after church }

Today was an interesting day.  Maybe it's because I was asked to give a talk today.  Or maybe because I realized at a flash that today would have been Charlie's due date.  Either way, it ended up being an awesome day with you, Mr. Little.

I watched you while I was up sitting behind the Bishopric, I know that you were trying to be good for your daddy who could barely keep his eyes open.  He was so tired.  But you were awesome.  I didn't look over to look at you while I was speaking because if I had, I'm sure I would have started laughing.  You were so proud of your new suit and to be at church.  As soon as sacrament closed, you were off to find your primary friends to run off to primary.  I'm glad you always end up where you are suppose too.  (yes...I check)

After lunch, quiet time (more for me than you), and my phone calls to set up my Monday schedule, we went out to see the pony again.  I can't believe how dirty he still was.  You did such a good job picking out his front hooves.  It was funny to watch you outside of the round pen as you ran around which ever direction Bailey was going.  Next time I promise I'll lug the saddle up to the round pen with your buddy stirrups so you can ride a little better.

You seriously are turning into quite the funny man.  trying to put your dirty socks on my hands while I wasn't paying attention (because I told you earlier you had stinky feet) and telling me that snotty girls deserve to smell your stinky farts.  Oh, I'm going to be in trouble as you get bigger.  

I sure love you Mr. Little.  Totally and completely!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

{ what a morning }

You and me, Mr. Little, sure had a busy morning...

The weather is finally looking good here in Minnesota.  It was 60 today, although it was super windy.  We went out to see the pony and check to see how he's doing.  You were so excited to slip him treats when you didn't think I was looking.  

Afterwards we headed to Kohl's to get new church clothes...Holy Cow are you going to be cute tomorrow in church.  I can't wait to take some pictures tomorrow.

Finally we made it to the park.  Your favorite, Kelley Park in Apple Valley.  We brought your new kite we bought one day at CostCo.  After I finally managed to get it put it together, we flew it for a little bit and decided maybe next time we try it, we'll bring Daddy along.  After you played for a while on the park, I finally convinced you it was time to go.

I'm so lucky to be your mom, Mr. Little.  It was so nice to play with you all morning!  Oh the plans I have for us tomorrow...just you wait!

Friday, March 9, 2012

{ dear littles... }

{ rainy day }

Dear Littles,

I've been thinking about you both recently.  I'm not sure if it's because we're going closer to when Charlie should have made his or her appearance or the fact that I'm so full of hormones that I go from extremely happy to crying in 2.0 seconds.  I'm just going to assume it's both.  There are big changes coming our way, littles.   Daddy's schedule is changing and will hopefully change again soon so he'll be home during the day.  But for now I'll take the fact that he'll be home an extra day.  We're growing closer to moving.  I'm itchy for it.  We still can't really do much of anything for another 2 months, but we're looking.

Mr. Little, I'm so proud of you.  You have been such a good helper the past couple of weeks while your sister or brother has made life a bit more interesting for mommy.  You have so much to look forward too.  You're graduating preschool in a couple months, getting registered for kindergarten, and starting school in September.  This summer I have plans for you.  Hopefully soccer and skating lessons so you can get ready to play hockey in the winter. Your uncle will be so happy to see you in skates.  Believe me...since the moment you made your appearance, he's been counting down the days until he could see you play hockey.

Baby Little, I'm gonna ask that we please, please take a break from the morning sickness.  I know the doctor gave me Zofran, but still.  (However, I am so pleased to be so very means things are going the way they should)  On Monday, you'll be 12 weeks along.  Only 28 more until we get to meet you.  Your daddy and I are so excited.  Mr. Little is very excited to.  We've started collecting things for you.  He just loves to help pick them out.

My littles...I love you both.  The start of this year has sure thrown me for a loop, but I finally feel like we're getting somewhere.  You both give me peace and happiness and I look forward to all the adventures we have coming our way...