Saturday, February 22, 2014

{ haircut }

Today Alex had another first....his first haircut. 
I'm not sure why we had waited so long, but his hair was getting a little out of control
{ before }
We had asked my sister in law for the name of the girl that she takes her children to, since one of our nephews has autism and another one is only 4 months older than Alex, I figured if she loved someone, that was who we needed to take Alex to.

{ during }
Alex wasn't too sure about the whole idea.  At least there were no tears.  Just the constant shifting around because he wasn't sure he wanted her to touch him, let away cut his hair.  However, it well.  So well in fact, we may make her our permanent hair dresser.

{ after }
Alex's hair is still pretty much the same length, except a bit shorter and trimmed.  I was surprised how fluffy and curly his hair was once he had his bath.
But he's so darn cute!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

{ TGBTL :: Pinterest obession }

So it's been a few weeks since I have joined The Girl Between the Lines Blog Linkup - but I'm once again joining Lauren & Hayley

Girl Between the Lines Link up

This weeks prompt ::

Share your top 5 Pinterest Pins this week.

Like everyone else, I'm a little pinterest obsessed.  I probably pin far too often and with so many things that I will probably never get the time to do with two little boys, but it's my favorite website.

1.  Every girl deserves a photo like this.  ::  Pinterest wasn't around when I got married almost 9 years ago, so I love to browse the pins in the wedding section.  I came across this picture and told my husband that when we have our family pictures done this fall I absolutely must have a picture taken like this during our session.

2.  Brownie Batter Overnight Protein Oatmeal ::  I love pinterest for all the different recipes I can find.  Since I have realized that I finally need to shed the lbs and become a more healthier and happier version of myself, I have been looking at different healthy recipes to start my day off with.  I haven't tried this one yet but I'm planning on picking up the cocoa powder tomorrow and will give it a whirl on Friday.

3.  Cross Fit at home workouts :: Same idea with the overnight brownie batter protein oatmeal, I've been looking at workouts that are fun and get me up and moving.

4.  DIY chandelier ::  One of my goals this year is to make our small apartment feel more like home.  Since Mike returned to school for at least 2 years, we will continue to live here until he graduates and we know where he will find a job with the MN DNR.  We are starting with our master bedroom and I've been looking at chandeliers and other things that I can make and hang from the ceiling to make the room more personalized.

5.  DIY Cardigian Revamp ::  As you can tell, I'm a bit in love with DIY projects.  While most of my wardrobe is made of scrubs, I would really like to dress things up a little bit when I'm not at work. Since I love to shop at thrift stores, I've been looking at inspiration for how to dress up some of my finds.

I'm looking forward to seeing the other favorite pins from those who are from the blog linkup and if not, please leave me your pinterest link because I would love to see all the things that inspire you!

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

{ kidney update }

{ yay for ultrasounds }
Today we spent a good portion of our afternoon at the University of MN Amplatz Children's hospital.  For those new to the blog, Alexander has hydronephrosis in his left kidney.  This basically means that his kidney is retaining fluid because of an obstruction where his kidney and ureter meet.
Last time we met with his urologist was back in early July, so it was nice to see her again.  Alex was a perfect patient for both the ultrasound tech, and for his doctor.  His kidney is still large and severely diluted.  However, it's stable.  The kidney continues to still grow on target and Alex is relatively healthy.  He has not had issues with UTI's or kidney infections and besides issues with ear infections, you would never know that my spirited, bold 1 year old had such a problem.  Since the kidney is stable, we'll continue to just monitor it for now and won't have to go back until August.
My feelings about this course of treatment have changed.  I haven't always agreed with the "wait and see" approach.  But I can understand why his urologist is hesitant to take Alex into surgery.  Alex having surgery to put a stent in could be argued either way and as for now, Alex has no indicators that his hydronephrosis is getting worse nor are we battling recurrent UTI's.
He's happy and healthy and is most likely to turn me grey before I'm 30.  I do worry about the health of that left kidney and what waiting could potentially do to weaken an already weaker kidney.  But I have confidence that this is the right thing for now.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

{ on sundays we go to church }

Today I rushed through my clients to make sure I got to church as close to starting time as possible.  The idea of handling two small children on his own scares my husband down this his very soul.  But making the habit of attending church was something that we, as a family, needed.

It was difficult to enter the church in my scrubs, but it wasn't my appearance that I was worried about or that would really affect how much my Heavenly Father wanted me to be there in that time.  Luckily I had only missed the first verse of the opening song. 

Alex did well during sacrament and we then spent the rest of our time in nursery where we played with toys and had snacks.  In this time I could feel the spirit with me.  I was home in the walls of the church I had been in since my parents had divorced back in '99.  Where I had spent early mornings in seminary learning the from the scriptures and Wednesday evenings as a youth for church activities.

Mike and Evan attended their classes and got the spiritual food that they desperately needed and while I didn't hear many of the messages that were being taught in those walls today, I was where I belonged.  Because on Sundays, we go to church.