Sunday, February 9, 2014

{ on sundays we go to church }

Today I rushed through my clients to make sure I got to church as close to starting time as possible.  The idea of handling two small children on his own scares my husband down this his very soul.  But making the habit of attending church was something that we, as a family, needed.

It was difficult to enter the church in my scrubs, but it wasn't my appearance that I was worried about or that would really affect how much my Heavenly Father wanted me to be there in that time.  Luckily I had only missed the first verse of the opening song. 

Alex did well during sacrament and we then spent the rest of our time in nursery where we played with toys and had snacks.  In this time I could feel the spirit with me.  I was home in the walls of the church I had been in since my parents had divorced back in '99.  Where I had spent early mornings in seminary learning the from the scriptures and Wednesday evenings as a youth for church activities.

Mike and Evan attended their classes and got the spiritual food that they desperately needed and while I didn't hear many of the messages that were being taught in those walls today, I was where I belonged.  Because on Sundays, we go to church.

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  1. Love this. I work almost every single Sunday and I miss church so much.