Saturday, February 22, 2014

{ haircut }

Today Alex had another first....his first haircut. 
I'm not sure why we had waited so long, but his hair was getting a little out of control
{ before }
We had asked my sister in law for the name of the girl that she takes her children to, since one of our nephews has autism and another one is only 4 months older than Alex, I figured if she loved someone, that was who we needed to take Alex to.

{ during }
Alex wasn't too sure about the whole idea.  At least there were no tears.  Just the constant shifting around because he wasn't sure he wanted her to touch him, let away cut his hair.  However, it well.  So well in fact, we may make her our permanent hair dresser.

{ after }
Alex's hair is still pretty much the same length, except a bit shorter and trimmed.  I was surprised how fluffy and curly his hair was once he had his bath.
But he's so darn cute!

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