Monday, April 15, 2013

{ ENT }

The past three and a half months have been hell.  It's been full of urgent care visits, ear drops, antibiotics, and an on going schedule for tynenol and ibprofen.  We haven't slept.  Our days and nights have been nothing but rocking a sick baby and trying to comfort him any way that we possibly can. 

Alexander has now had S.E.V.E.N. ear infections.  As soon as one would clear up, another one would pop up.  We've been through 4 different antibiotics. F.O.U.R.  Most babies maybe will have to take one before they are a year old, Alex's gone through 4.  And he's in pain.  Constant pain.  Yes, there are some moments where he's happy and agreeable, we just chalk those up to the fact that his pain medication is working.

Our home is in shambles.  All of our energy and time has gone into these ear infections.  And it's getting a little old. 

So finally we were referred to the ENT who we saw today.  I knew that this point that we would be talking tubes.  I made the mistake of posting about us finally going to the ENT on Facebook (I seriously think about just deleting my account once a day).  I got some well meaning advise for alternatives to tubes.  We have used homeopathic garlic oil in Alex's ears twice a day and it has seemed to help.  We have been urged by both family and friends to look into chiropractic care for Alex's ears.  After doing research and reading stories from some parenting boards, I haven't been sold that it will be a 100% cure all for Alex.

Personally I believe there needs to be a balance between both modern and holistic medicines.  And I believe that we'll have to do a combination of tubes and chiropractic care.  Not one single path is going to solve Alex's ear issues - but I think by finding that balance we'll finally have some peace in our home.

Monday, April 1, 2013

{ brothers :: a photo montague }

 Evan and Alex have an interesting relationship.  It's been fun to watch it grow.  Alex loves watching his big brother and is starting to get really get interested in whatever Evan is doing...whether or not Evan really wants him to.
But Evan is a really good big brother.  Always making sure Alex has a nuk, bottle or toy.
They just love each other and it just warms my heart!