{ our littles }

{ Evan at Pahl's Market Oct '12 }

Born as a honeymoon baby in June '06 - Evan has been our only for 6 years.  He has been such an amazing child (& yes I'm a bit biased) & has taught me so much about being a mom!

He just started Kindergarten & loves his classmates and teacher.  He says his favorite subject is science which doesn't really surprise me.  He's the kind of kid that loves to figure out how things work & why.  It wouldn't surprise me if Evan grew up to be an engineer of some kind.

Evan is a total boy.  He loves trains, cars, legos, video games, & dirt.  He has a strong spirit & is full of spunk.  He is the sweetest thing when he wants to be.  He has been such a blessing in our home & family.  I just love him to pieces.

{ Alex in the corn pit Oct '12 }

Born Sept '12 - I never imagined we would wait for as long as we did to add to our family - but I'm glad that we did.  Alexander has been our silver lining in the sadness that was the loss of our second pregnancy.

Each day his little personality comes out!  I do know that once he gets to moving - he will be gone! He is such a mover & a shaker!  He's becoming easy with his smiles & is such a cuddle bug.  We are so happy to have him here & I can't wait to watch him grow up.

Alexander was born with Hydronephrosis (extra fluid) in his left kidney.  We are currently treating it with antibiotics to prevent either a kidney or urinary track infection.  We're hopeful that it will resolve itself, however, I am prepared if he needs corrective surgery.

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