Friday, June 6, 2014

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Joining Jeannett and showing off our week instagram style. 
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life rearranged

Our favorite park recently opened up.  It's just a bunch of fountains and shallow pools to walk through.  The boys love it and since it wears them out I have no problem taking them there most evenings!

We took the boys to the MN Zoo on Memorial day and while I snapped a bunch of pictures of my "real" camera, this is the only one I snapped on my phone.  

We started off this week at the doctor's office after Alex woke up with a fever.  I figured it was his ears - but it wasn't.  Instead there was an outbreak of hand, foot, mouth disease at daycare and Alex was lucky enough to pick it up.  All I can say is ick!

Evan had to miss the last two days of school because he caught the same virus.  Luckily, he didn't get a rash or blisters - but he still was feeling pretty crappy.  We spent his last day of school watching a lecture on Quantum theory.  You can watch it here.  That should count towards learning, right?

We did however stop by his school to clean out his desk and say goodbye to this teachers.  He was a little sad he didn't get to say goodbye to his classmates - but he's already looking forward to next year!

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