Tuesday, March 20, 2012

{ 13 weeks }

Happy 13 weeks, Baby Little!

Holy buckets am I excited that you have made it this far.  We have 27 more weeks until we get to meet you...and I can't wait to hold you for the very first time.  Here in a few more weeks, we'll get another peek at you and see if you are a boy or a girl.  To be honest...I just want you healthy.  But Daddy and I are kinda thinking you might be a girl this time.  If you are a boy...I'll totally take that too.  We've done boys before...we know what we're getting into.  Either case, you'll be ours and totally and completely loved by us.

I'm excited to hear your heartbeat again on Thursday.  Because of what happened last time, hearing your heartbeat gives me comfort.  Because I know that you are there.  Alive and kicking.  As soon as I can feel your kicks, I'm sure I'll feel better about everything.  (yes...you making me completely and utterly sick and miserable due to morning sickness has given me some comfort...but honestly...can we be done with that now?)

Baby Little, you are totally and completely loved by me and your Daddy (and your brother too, he says good night to you every night).  I've waited over 5 years for you, and you have been well worth the wait.  I'm counting down the weeks until we get to finally meet you and come closer to completing our little family.  (but seriously...if you are a boy...it's going to probably make baby #3 our last...but then again...probably not ;))

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