Sunday, March 11, 2012

{ mr. little's new suit :: super cute }

{ mr. little and I after church }

Today was an interesting day.  Maybe it's because I was asked to give a talk today.  Or maybe because I realized at a flash that today would have been Charlie's due date.  Either way, it ended up being an awesome day with you, Mr. Little.

I watched you while I was up sitting behind the Bishopric, I know that you were trying to be good for your daddy who could barely keep his eyes open.  He was so tired.  But you were awesome.  I didn't look over to look at you while I was speaking because if I had, I'm sure I would have started laughing.  You were so proud of your new suit and to be at church.  As soon as sacrament closed, you were off to find your primary friends to run off to primary.  I'm glad you always end up where you are suppose too.  (yes...I check)

After lunch, quiet time (more for me than you), and my phone calls to set up my Monday schedule, we went out to see the pony again.  I can't believe how dirty he still was.  You did such a good job picking out his front hooves.  It was funny to watch you outside of the round pen as you ran around which ever direction Bailey was going.  Next time I promise I'll lug the saddle up to the round pen with your buddy stirrups so you can ride a little better.

You seriously are turning into quite the funny man.  trying to put your dirty socks on my hands while I wasn't paying attention (because I told you earlier you had stinky feet) and telling me that snotty girls deserve to smell your stinky farts.  Oh, I'm going to be in trouble as you get bigger.  

I sure love you Mr. Little.  Totally and completely!

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