Thursday, March 29, 2012

{ breath...just 'bleepin' breath }

I'm not good with change.  I love the idea of change.  But when it's actually happening, my body and mind completely freak out leaving the normal cool headed me a sweaty, hyperventilating mess.

Besides shopping at the MOA for maternity pants because I can no longer squeeze into my 'fat' jeans, Mike and I went to look at some new rental townhomes today.  After looking at all our options and talking about what we felt would be best for us, we decided on a place not far from where we live now and is in the school district that both Mike and I graduated from.  Mike is going to hand in our application tomorrow.  I honestly feel good about this place.  We know another couple that lives there, we'll still be in the same ward, and the manager was completely open to working with our sucky credit.  (and ps...since the pony maybe leaving soon to go live in Kansas with my mom...we could EVENTUALLY get a dog...just sayin')

But then we started making a list of everything that we need to do in the couple of months before we move.  We need to spring clean and get rid of all the junk that I don't want to move to another place.  We need to deep clean where we currently live (including cleaning the carpets and painting simply because they will charge us if we don't either do it ourselves or pay for it upfront)  We need to get Mr. Little registered for school in the school district that we will be moving into (but we have to wait until we have an actual address that we will be moving into). 

And the decisions about 2 or 3 bedrooms.  We loved both and will most likely go with a 3 bedroom, but if they don't have one available by the time we absolutely have to move, we are open to a 2 bedroom since the manager told us we can always upgrade.  But even in the 3 bedroom, we're trying to figure out if it would work best for the kids to have seperate rooms or bunk together for a little while.  I'm not against them sharing a room, especially since Baby Little will most likely spend the first couple months in our room until he or she is sleeping through the night.

Either way thinking about everything that is piling on RIGHT. AT. THIS. VERY. MOMENT.  is making me a mess.  It needs to happen.  It will happen.  And once it's all said and done it will be fantastic.  I know it will be.  But until then...I just need to breath. 

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