Saturday, March 24, 2012

{ sick day }

{ sick...can't you tell that Mr. Little is getting a little annoyed with me? }

I guess I should have figured this was how our day was going to go.  Mr. Little didn't sleep very well last night (normally my first clue that he's getting sick).  I woke up at 6 am with revenge of the morning sickness (thank goodness for Zofran), and then Evan woke up an hour later crying for Daddy.  After a quick phone call to Daddy, Evan then promptly went into the bathroom and threw up.  Lovely.  

So I packed us up and off we went to Urgent Care.  The Doctor thought it was strep, but when the rapid test came back negative, he figured it was Tonsilitis mixed with the Flu.  He did do a culture...but we won't know the results until Sunday evening/Monday morning.  (thank goodness Mr. Little has spring break next week).

After we went to Target to get some supplies (lunch, popsicles, movies), Mr. Little crashed for an hour.  We had lunch and then he crashed again for a couple of hours.  This evening after a dose of tynenol, he was up to his old tricks again.  We had to constantly remind him that although he was feeling better, he was still sick and dancing around the living room wasn't going to help him feel any better once the meds wore off.

Thankfully he's in bed and asleep.  I'm a bit worried that his fever will return when his meds wear off in an hour or so, but at least Mike restocked our supply this afternoon, because preggo here forgot to pick some up since she thought we had plenty.  Preggo (meaning me) was completely wrong.  Thank Goodness for Daddies!

I told Mr. Little that tomorrow was most likely going to be another sick day, pending on how he sleeps and whether or not he still has a fever.  Hopefully the weather is crappy so it won't be so bad if we have to stay inside again.

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