Thursday, December 27, 2012

{ 3 months :: a lot late }

{ yay!  3 months on December 17 }

nicknames ::  billy goat, fuss bucket, squeaker, little one, baby

diaper size :: one

clothing :: 0-3 months - good thing we just had Christmas because they were getting a little tight!

food ::  nurses or expressed milk

firsts :: Thanksgiving!  Meeting Aunt Nancy.  Rolling over - kinda.  Spending every other weekend with Ma/Bumpa while I'm at work.  Meeting Grandpa Gordon.  Going to a sit down restaurant.

Life with Alex ::

Life around here has been busy.  Mr. Alex certainly makes it known his opinion on things.  He's quite the talker and prefers to spend his days hanging out with you talking to him all day long.  He also smiles quite a bit - especially at Mike, Evan, & I.

He is still very fussy.  We're still not sure why.  He's being treated for GERD.  And we're still being told that his kidney would not cause him any pain or discomfort - but I'm still not buying it.  However we did meet with the urologist again.  His kidney isn't better but it's not worse.  So in another 2 months we go back again for another ultrasound and followup to see where we are.  However with how it is looking Alex has a 1 in 4 chance of needing surgery.

More pictures of the little one ::

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