Monday, December 10, 2012

{ it begins with a step }

I don't know how many times I have started a diet.  Claimed that I was going to start eating right and exercising each and every day.  I have failed.  each.  and.  every.  time.  Part of that is I'm an emotional eater.  And I make poor food choices because it's quicker to pick something up after working all day and having to run errands or take Evan places once I get home from work.

But this time it needs to be different.

After having Alexander, I realized how unhealthy I was.  I am teaching my boys that it's okay not to take care of themselves.  Not to respect themselves and what they put in their bodies.  And it needs to stop.

Like most people, I don't like what I see when I look in the mirror.  And a start to panic whenever I see the numbers on the scale creep up.  So, it needs to change.  I NEED TO CHANGE.  and it starts tonight.

I know that I am going to struggle.  I will fail.  But the difference is this time I will pick myself up and dust myself off and try again.

My plan is for us to start eating cleaner.  Stop eating out so much.  To exercise 30 minutes a day either by an exercise DVD or in the new exercise room at our apartment complex.  I'm going to track everything I put in my mouth - review and tweak the things that aren't the best.  I hope to lose between a pound to 2 pounds a week.  I'm going to take a look at weight watchers or some other weight loss group that can help me when I am weak.  And I've done the math and I can reach my goal weight in the next year by losing weight a pound to two pounds a week.

I can do this.  I know I can.

current weight:  222 pounds
goal weight:  126 pounds
pounds to lose:  96 pounds

{ the last time I will be this "heavy" }


  1. good luck to you! it is such a struggle, i know! look into "the 17 day diet." i also suggest a book called "wheat belly." BOTH are very do-able and pretty easy to follow. if you want any tips or suggestions with either of the above let me know. i have lost 12lbs doing the clean eating method guided by the 17 day diet. it's a struggle, but your head is in the right place it seems, so success is sure to follow! :]


  2. Best of luck! You can do it! :) My weight has always been a struggle too. I gained MUCH more than was recommended during my pregnancy, but since I had an emergency c-section, my eating habits changed drastically right afterward. It just kind of stuck with me, and I just made better meal + snack choices. I started taking the dogs + baby for walks every now and then, to get out of the house-- and I ended up 5 lbs under my first weigh in at the OB. Sometimes small changes can make a big difference. :)

    Lots of luck-- I'm sure, with your awesomely positive attitude, that you'll be successful :)

    ♥Nicole @ Me + the Moon