Saturday, October 26, 2013

{ our life via instagram }

It's been a while since I've caught up here with all the photos I snap on my phone but here is what we've been up to for the past little while...

::  the boys playing at the park ::  Evan learning to sew  ::  double rainbows always make me smile  ::

::  This is why I love my husband  ::  Alex demanded to sit in this swing  ::  SWING!  ::

::  Whatever brother can do I can do  ::  Alex and MJ  ::  my boys  ::

::  Cuddle time  ::  New winter hat  ::  Me & Evan at Pahl's Market  ::

::  Brothers at Pahl's Market ::  Playing at Pahl's Market  ::

::  Alex believes we should share EVERYTHING  ::  waiting for the milk to warm is just too much ::  New Car  ::

::  Playing at the grandparents'  ::  Trying out Daddy's headphones  ::  playing in the tub while mommy gets ready::

::  COUSINS!  ::  Look at me sit in this chair  ::

::  how much I miss this little girl in this picture.  Ms. Ellie  received her wings 3 years ago.  Her name is heard in our home on a daily basis and I can't believe that all Alex will know of her is this picture (and the many others we have around)  ::

life rearranged

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