Sunday, November 18, 2012

{ 2 months }

{ yay!  2 months...a day late...opps! }

Nicknames:  Billy Goat, Chunk-a-Munk, Fuss-bucket, Little Boy, Little One, Squeaker

Weight:  Not sure but a little over a week ago he was 11 pounds 15 ounces with his clothes on

Clothing: 0-3 months...still loose - but he's starting to fill them out

Diapers:  size one

Food:  Nurses or drinks expressed milk.  Definitely prefers to nurse whenever possible & will pretty much only take a bottle from anyone but me.

Firsts:  Made it through church twice!  Met Uncle Joe, Aunt Maggi, and Harper.  Met Milli.  MN Zoo trip. Halloween & Trick or Treating.  Met Cousin Jen, Dave, and Jon.  Home with Daddy while I'm at work.

Life with Alex:  It's been an interesting month.  Our once easier going baby has seemed to be more fussier this past month.  I'm not exactly buying the company line that his hydronephrosis (extra fluid in his left kidney) doesn't cause him any discomfort.  He doesn't act that he's severely uncomfortable, but there are times where he's incredibly mad about something and will scream for hours - not fun for anyone!

BUT...when he's not fussy, he's super smiley and loves to "talk" (or coo, technically).  Some days he will take 2 really good naps and a few cat naps, other days he will only cat nap the entire day.  He definitely knows when it's bed time, because around 7, he starts to get fussy if I don't start our bedtime routine - turning off the tv, bath, jammies, nurse, & then he will lay either in his crib or on our bed while I play a lullaby station on Pandora until he passes out.  He doesn't really want to be rocked to sleep - he's perfectly content with just laying there swaddled in a SwaddleMe or Halo blanket with his nuk until he falls asleep.  

Going back to work was hard.  What makes it easier is that he is home with Mike 4 days out of the week, and then I'm home for 1.  So no daycare.  Not that I'm anti-daycare.  It's just super expensive and it works out with how our work schedules are not to have that extra expense.  I'm sure there will be a time when he will go into daycare - but for now I enjoy my days off with my littlest sidekick and Mike and Alex seemed to have really bonded.

Here are some more pictures of the boys:


  1. awww, what sweet boys. happy 2 months little man!!

  2. Precious precious boys! Happy 2 months Alex! Love the chalkboard too! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!