Saturday, November 3, 2012

{ like a boss }

On Thursday after putting Evan on the bus, we packed up Alex and headed to Children's Hospital in St. Paul for Alex to have a renograph before our next urology appointment on November 8th.  This test is basically to see how well his kidneys work and to see if his hydronephrosis is caused by a blockage in his ureter.  For this test Alex had to have an IV (which he received fluids, a dye for the renograph, and lasix - to make his kidneys work quicker) and a catheter (to keep his bladder empty).  He also had to lay in this black padded bed that he was strapped into for about an hour while they watched his kidneys.

With all that at 6 1/2 weeks - he rocked a BOSS!  He fussed a little - but for the most part he laid there quietly which I gave him a bottle and stroked his head.  He also did fairly well when they placed the IV and catheter...I mean he didn't enjoy it by any means but he definitely could have put up a bigger fight then he did.  Mike had to go out into to the hallway while they placed the IV and catheter because he probably would have put up a bigger fight than Alex if he stayed in the room.

The only bad part is we now have to wait until November 8th to get the results.  I really hate playing the waiting game.  I want to know how bad it is and what the game plan is going to be.  We've been dealing with this since our 19 week ultrasound and I feel like I've been patient enough.  We discussed that if the urologist we're seeing doesn't have much more of a game plan then what we are already doing (unless it looks like it's resolving itself - although I'm doubtful that it is) we're going to go to another urologist for a second opinion.  However, I'm hopeful that it won't come to that.

Alex has been amazing with all this.  He's gone through all these exams and tests like a champ.  He takes his antibiotics and vitamins without a fuss.  He still seems to be fine with being carted to doctor appointment after doctor appointment (seriously...I think we've seem more doctors this year alone then we have in the past 6 years when Evan was born).  I know he doesn't know much different since this is all he's known in his short life - but I couldn't be prouder of him...

{ hoping this is one of the last times I have to see my baby with an IV }

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