Tuesday, October 30, 2012

{ pumpkin carving & swim lessons }

We actually went to go get pumpkins a couple weekends ago - but it wasn't until this afternoon that we actually found the time & energy to carve them (or at least just Evan's).  Evan isn't big into sensory activities.  Anything gooey on his hands seems to freak him out so Mike and I spent most of the time getting the "guts" out of the pumpkin.  Although, at least Evan tried.

But he sure had fun actually getting to carve the pumpkin this year.  The past few years we have let him pick out a pattern or give us the basic idea of what he wanted - but we did all the carving.  Evan was super pleased with himself!

{  Evan trying to scoop out the guts ::  Mike taking over }

{ Evan carving the pumpkin with help from daddy }
{ Evan and his pumpkin }
After carving his pumpkin - we rushed out to swim lessons.  We are in the second session of the fall and he's loving it.  He started back two months ago after a year off - simply because of scheduling issues.  This past summer when he went swimming in the big pool with his uncle, we noticed how scared he was of the whole thing - so it was time to go back.  He's slowly building his confidence in the water and I'm hopful by the time summer rolls around again that he'll be all over the swimming pool.
{ Evan & his cool swimming goggles }

{ Alex intridged with the lights and fans on the ceiling }

{ waiting his turn }

{ learning the back stroke }

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