Thursday, October 18, 2012

{ one month :: a day late }

{ fist pump for being a month old! }
Weight:  9 pounds 9 ounces
Nicknames:  Billy Goat, Youngin', and little boy
Life with Alex: 
I can't it's already been a month!  It has gone by super fast some days and other days seem to drag on.  But I think we're finally getting into some sort of groove.  Alex has the cutest cry...he sounds like a goat so normally we call him our billy goat...or atleast I do.  You can tell when he's getting upset or excited to eat because he fist pumps, kicks, and pants.
We found out his hydronephrosis is still pretty sereve.  In fact every doctor seems a little shocked by it but we still don't have a game plan besides continueing antibiotics and returning for a renograph in a few weeks.  I'm not very excited.  I'm hoping after this test and meeting we will know if we are looking at surgery or not - if our urologist is still clueless we're going to go look for a second opinion.  However, besides being on antibiotics, Alex is on tri-vit (for Vitamin D) and eye drops for super gunky eyes caused by clogged tear ducts (poor kid can't catch a break).  He's also being pretty congested because everyone seems to have the never ending cold in this house. 
However, He is quite the cuddle bug and loves to be held.  He's still having some issues nursing...but he's getting better...and it's clear if given a choice between nursing or a bottle, he prefers to nurse.  He doesn't sleep well on his back.  I really hate to put him on his stomach, but he's gotten a bit better at being on his back.  As for sleep...during the day he naps...but nothing quite consistent...but will nap for a couple hours at a time.  At night, he'll sleep for 4 hours from whenever we can finally get him to go to sleep then is up at 230 and then will cat nap until 430 and finally will sleep until sometime after 7.  However, I'm hoping to figure out the best regular schedule for everyone which means I'm hoping to get his sleep pattern down a bit better.
Alex's big outtings have included his cousin Max's 4th birthday party, and picking out pumpkins at Pahl's market.  I have successfully taken the boys out together by myself a couple of times.  I desperately want to go to church...but I'm a little we're going to try this Sunday.  Wish me luck!  Alex has just started to coo and smile a little.  He is super strong and can hold his head up for a little bit. 
And of course...he prefers his momma!  :)
Here are some more pictures I took yesterday...





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