Thursday, November 8, 2012

{ we have an answers...sort of }

{ waiting for the urologist :: story of our lives }

Today we went back to St Paul to meet with Alex's urologist & get the results of the renograph he had done a week ago & it seems like surgery is in Alex's future...sort of...most likely...uh...hmmm...yeah.  The results of the renograph did confirm that Alex has a pretty severe blockage in junction where the ureter and kidney meet & it is unlikely that it will resolve itself because of how the kidney performed during the test even with an added diuretic.

{ getting cranky... }

BUT...Surgery won't happen tomorrow or even this month.  Instead in a month we go back to the urologist to have another ultrasound to see if it is resolving itself & if not - we'll discuss surgery further.  She does believe that we will be discussing surgery to correct this blockage but she wants to give Alex more time to grow & get stronger.  There is a very slim chance that it will resolve itself but all of us (yes, even Mike & I) are doubtful that we'll see any change in 4 weeks.

{ I seriously love this onesie }

I'm not surprised at the results & that surgery is becoming more of a reality for Alex.  It would be much easier for all of us if his kidney would just cooperate & fix itself so we could discontinue the antibiotics & stop spending all our days off at the doctors office.  But I am thankful that we now have more an idea of which direction we are headed in.  I'm also thankful that through all this Alex has been a trooper & super healthy in spite of all that stagnate urine in his kidney.

{ fist pump for being a trooper }

So once again...we wait...but with knowing which direction we're headed in...kinda.

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