Wednesday, February 13, 2013

{ survival mode }

The past few weeks we've been on survival mode.  It seems like are just now finally coming out of the fog we have been in.

All of us have been sick.  Alexander had 2 ear infections, both Evan and I had some nasty virus that felt like a combination of strep throat and the flu - but it wasn't, and Mike actually came down with the flu.  I am crossing my fingers that Alexander will be lucky enough to not catch the flu, but I'm not really holding my breath.

Work has been crazy busy.  Which is good - but has meant I have taken on more clients and longer hours and I still haven't found the perfect balance between working longer hours and getting everything else done that needs to be done.

Nanci (my sister who was in the car accident) is still doing well in her recovery - but since my parents have both returned to their respective homes, Maggi and I have been trying to help her in anyway possible.  This normally means giving her rides to her appointments and making sure she has everything that she needs.  I have spent most of my Fridays with her and this week it will be no different.

Alexander hasn't been sleeping.  A few weeks ago he had started to go down at 8 pm and wake up again about 3 to nurse and then sleeping until 6 or 630.  The past two weeks he has been up every 2 hours again, except he decides he needs to start partying in his crib at 430 in the morning and normally doesn't go back down until 6 or so, when I have get up to get ready for work.  Lets just say I have been dragging.

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