Friday, January 18, 2013

{ happy 4 months alexander! }

{ I can't believe he's 4 months already! }

Nicknames ::  Alex, billy goat, scooter, fussy bucket, drool bucket, little one, baby, chunk-a-monk, and Evan has started calling him "bug"

Diaper Size :: size two

Clothing ::  some 3 month clothes, some 6 month clothes

Firsts ::  Toys for Tots shopping, Christmas, ear infection

Food ::  Nurses or expressed breast milk.  We tried to move him to a hypo allergic formula since he's been having very painful gas and increased bouts of colic.  Absolutely refuses - turns up his nose and refuses the bottle.  We've just given up and have continued to nurse and give expressed breast milk - we just make sure he gets gas drops right after - it has seemed to help.  Luckily we are also going to start solids next month in hopes that might help with his tummy troubles.

Life with Alexander ::  oh what a month!  This poor baby can't catch a break.  He's had 2 back to back ear infections.  First a double ear infection, and then just in his right ear second time.  I'm hoping that once we finish this round of antibiotics we will be done with ear infections.  period.  

The inlaws finally experienced what we've been experienced since bring Alex home.  Inconsolable crying for 4 hours or more.  I took him into urgent care after I left work early only to be told we have a very healthy baby - except for the ear infection that was resolving.  yay.

It hasn't all be bad.  Alex sure has a demanding personality and mommy issues.  It's pretty entertaining.  He's been giggling more and Mike just can't wait for him to start belly laughing.  He has also started to reach out for us.  Especially Evan.  (which Evan loves)  He also loves to face-scoot a couple inches when on his tummy.  He is also obsessed with a lantern toy that he got for Christmas.  He either has his hands in his mouth or on his feet - which seem to also always be in his mouth too.  In his perfect world I would hold him and talk to him all day while he has his fingers & toes in his mouth - while nursing and while his lantern is singing some song that is now constantly stuck in my head.

Although this month has been a hard one - I'm hoping next month will be better!

More pictures of my littlest buddy.  

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