Saturday, January 5, 2013

{ momma said there would be days like this }

{ should have gotten my own kiss for luck }

Today started out okay.  I had meant to get up earlier, but thankfully Alex chose to sleep-in so I figured I would to.  After our regular morning routine, we had planned to go out to the Mall of America and meet up with my mom for lunch and letting the boys play at Lego land inside the mall while we caught up.

Somehow I managed to get the boys out of the house - I couldn't find Alex's winter hat so I found another random hat and stuck it on his head.  Maybe I should have seen that as a sign that maybe - just maybe I should stay home.  We got to the Mall okay and early so we got a nice parking spot.  Evan jumped out of the car and raced to my side while I was putting Alex in the moby wrap, and then I shut the door.  Which I shouldn't have done.  Because right next to Alex's car seat were my car keys and I had already locked the car.

So...we went to Lego land to meet with my mom.  While we sat there I started looking up towing companies that could come and open up the car.  And then my phone died.

Thankfully when my mom came, I left Evan with her and went to go track down a number and used her phone to call the towing company.  They said they would be there in 25 hour later they showed up.  But I got my keys and Alex slept the entire time this was going on.

After I went back inside I headed to the Lego land to meet back up with my mom - but just as I got there - she called using my sister's phone to tell me they were back up on the 4th floor getting lunch from Dicks Last Resort - where my sister works.

After getting back up there and sitting down to order - Alex decided that was then he wanted to nurse.  Now I have recently just gotten over my hangups about nursing in public - however, I prefer to still find a quiet corner to nurse with a hooter hider.  So after finding a quiet spot and Alex nursed - I figured we were golden.  However as we made our way back to the restaurant - Alex promptly puked (not spit-up but projectile vomit) all over the floor and my shirt.  Awesome.

So after lunch, we went a got a new shirt for me and I bought Alex a new winter hat.  And then we headed home.  Where we then took a nap.

And then all was well.

Good thing we're staying home tomorrow because I'm not sure I could handle another trip like that...

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