Thursday, January 17, 2013

{ my boys }

Dear littles,

oh how I love the both of you.  each for your own reasons & most importantly because you are mine (& your dad's).

mr. evan...

You aren't unnoticed.  Sometimes I know that you feel that way.  Especially since you are more self reliant.  You are an awesome big brother.  An amazing helper.  You are special and unique, and don't ever forget that.  and even when it seems like we don't notice those quiet times when you are doing good - we notice.

i love that you love school so much.  i love that each day you get home and you can't wait to tell us about your day.  (& report that you haven't gone to the nurse's office that day)  Know that I love hearing about those moments.  I treasure your stories - even when I'm exhausted and completely drained.

mr. alex...

you've had such a difficult month.  both your daddy and i are trying so hard to figure out what is going on with that small body of yours.  (& we hate being told nothing is wrong when something most definitely seems to be going on).

regardless, i love how chunky your cheeks and thighs are getting.  seriously...i'm in love with your fat rolls.  i love that you "talk" at us each and every time you get to.  you're reaching out for us & a giggling more.  even though at times i really wish that you would just sleep - i love that you still prefer to nurse at night.  that time is just for you and me, and i will most definitely miss it when you wean.

oh boys...i love you.  completely.  totally.  forever & for always.

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