Friday, April 6, 2012

{ insta-friday :: the pony edition }

life rearranged
I'm so pumped that insta.gram is now available for android...believe me as soon as I was downloaded on my phone...

The pony must have been feeling good because he kicked up his heels a little too hard and now is recovering.  It has meant for the past few days, we have lived at the barn making sure that Bailey eats his "horsey Tylenol"....

I don't mind the drive out to Farmington to see Mr. Bailey.  I love the country and being surrounded by it.  Seriously if I could move out the middle of wouldn't be a matter of "if" it would be "how fast can we get out there".

Sweet feed and horsey would think that would be enough for my horse to chow down...oh no.

After 2 and half hours of trying to get Bailey to eat his feed/medicine mixture...I finally caved and had Mike run to the store to pick this up.  Seriously within seconds of adding was gone.

After having sticky hands for the past couple days, I finally wised up and brought out some gloves to help mix up the feed, medicine, and molasses.

Mr. Little playing in the round pen while Bailey wolfed down his nightly "treat".  How I love this little boy....

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