Thursday, April 19, 2012

{ oh what a day! }

Today we got another listen to Baby Little.  Because Mr. Little was off from school, we brought him along with us.  We figured he would get a kick out of hearing the baby's heartbeat.  He found it extremely funny when Baby Little kept "running" away from the doctor and then once the doctor had baby proceeded to let the doctor know that Baby wasn't a fan by kicking her.

While we were there we scheduled our ultrasound (in 2 weeks) and our C-Section.  I'm super excited now know exactly when Baby Little will join our family and to find out in what will probably be 2 very long weeks, if Baby Little is a boy or girl.

After the OB appointment, we headed off to the school district to get Mr. Little officially registered for Kindergarten.  It took way longer to figure out where we where we needed to go then it needed to, but we finally figured it out.  I'm excited for Mr. Little to start "real" school.  He'll be going to all day kindergarten.  We finally decided to get him registered for the school district we currently live in since I happened to look at our lease agreement and found out that our lease doesn't end until August 31st, and since that is so close to my due date, we may wait a month or two after we've had baby to move.  We've also been looking at houses to rent instead of rental town homes.  I love the idea of having the kiddos being able to run around out in a backyard.

But that wasn't the end of our day...

We still had Mr. Little's last conference appointment as a preschooler.  He only has 16 more days at his preschool before he's done for the summer and then moves onto Kindergarten.  He has grown so much since he entered GDK in Rosemount.  I have loved every single one of his teachers and it's so fun to see how much he's grown since the beginning of the year.  He still hasn't picked a hand.  However he never switches it consistently...a couple of days or weeks he'll write with his right hand, and then all a sudden he'll switch it up.  It's kinda of funny each day to see which hand he'll use.  And if he really turns out to be ambidextrous...more power to him.

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