Saturday, April 28, 2012

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life rearranged

I've heard such good things about Dave Ramsey and his financial programs.  Since we have another one on the way....more than enough money...but no clue where it goes at the end of the month, the Hubby and I decided it was time to actually sit down and read "The Total Money Makeover" and get on a budget before Baby comes.

Mike texted me this picture while I was out giving a ride to a church member.  I was so suprised to see Mr. Little being such a dare devil.  Come to find out at one point he fell off the slide towards the bottom...but he was already to climb right back on and climb all over this slide.

I just love him.  He's been pretty cuddly lately.  I think it's because we are both trying to soak in the next few months before he is no longer an "only".  PS.  He's pretty excited to be a big brother and told me that he wants a sister....I told him we'll see.

Registering Evan for Kindergarten was like signing my life away.  Or his.  Or both.  I'm so glad it's all over.  I'm pretty excited to see him off to school.  He'll probably ride the bus which he's even more excited about.

Rain.  I'm so sick of the rain and crappy weather.  It's like living in Seattle.  Except we're not by the ocean.  Which begs the question why I would love to move to Seattle when I hate the rain.

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  1. Sent my first to kindergarten this year. It was crazy!