Wednesday, January 8, 2014

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Once again joining up with Lauren & Hayley for TGBTL and honored to have been chosen as their post of the week from last week!

This Week's Prompt: Tell us about a trait you look up to or admire in someone in your life and why!

Strength.  The type of strength were you meet your challenges head on and not only meet them by thrive in spite of them.

{ my lovely sister :: Nanci }

My sister was in car versus semi-truck accident in early December 2012.  It left her in a coma for two weeks because of a traumatic brain injury.  This led to a drain in her skull to relieve the pressure and tracheotomy since she was unable to breath on her own very well.  The doctors always knew my sister was going to be okay because every time they lifted her sedation, she fought them breaking 3 sets of restraints and kicking nurse in the head.  When she did eventually wake up after a long 2 weeks for us, she tried to ask for her dog Duncan.  She was able to recognized all of us and while she didn't remember names all the time, she knew we belonged to her in some fashion.

{ my sisters and I after Nanci was moved to Bethseda }

Just a year ago Nanci was still in rehab at Bethseda in St Paul.  She was recovering well but we still were completely unsure if she would ever be able to live on her own.  Now, Nanci has moved back to Minnesota after finishing her recovery in Kansas under the watchful eyes of our mom to finish her art degree and strengthen her talents in blowing glass. 

{ Nanci now }

I admire her and her strength and how far she's come in just over 13 months.

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  1. Wow! Your sister exemplifies strength in so many ways... thank you for sharing her with us! And we were glad to have you as our "feature" this week :)