Wednesday, January 1, 2014

{ what i'm doing differently in 2014 }

{ me & my boys }

Last year this time, I figured that 2013 would be my year.  I had it all planned out and mapped out, I was excited to feel like I had gotten somewhere by today.  Then life happened.  And it kicked me hard in the keister.  From picking up the pieces to help my sister, Nancy, recover from her TBI to realizing that I was on the brink of losing my marriage, to say that I'm glad that 2013 is over would be an understatement.

But I still have things planned for this year.  I do have lists and plans and will do a whole other post about it.  Not necessarily resolutions, but things I hope I can accomplish this next year.  In looking over my list I realize that it all stems down to one theme..


To love my husband more.  To learn his love language and show him all the love I can.  I want rebuild our marriage and make it stronger than it has ever been.

To love my children more.  To be more "available" to them by putting down the phone or worrying about my "To Do" lists and get down on the floor and play with them.  To take them to more places for more experiences and to help them build relationships with friends and cousins.

To love my extended family & friends more.  To repair relationships where needed and build stronger connections with them.  all of them.  

To love my Heavenly Father more.  To serve him and my fellow church members in ways that I never expected.

To love the life I have while working towards the life I want.  I'm no where near where I want us to be as a family in life, but hating our life now isn't going to help us build for the future.  I hope that one day when we are where we want to be, I can look back and cherish the time we were all squished into our tiny apartment.

To be able to look in the mirror and love the reflection I see.  Not just appearance wise, but the whole picture.  My whole being.

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  1. Definitely some great goals for the year, Emily--I think we could all use to love a little more! Visiting from Girl between the Lines!

  2. This is a great goal! It's so important to show others love! Thank you for linking up--Alexander is just PRECIOUS!

  3. Thanks for sharing this and linking up with us! Growing in love is absolutely one of my goals, too. I wonder if it will ever NOT be one of our goals, you know? That's something I imagine I will always have room for growth. Thanks for sharing your heart today! This is awesome!

  4. Love this friend! I found you through the link up and I look forward to getting to know you more!! :) New follower ;)