Monday, March 31, 2014

{ let the nuk war begin }

{ just a 'few' of Alex's nuks }

Alex had his 18 month checkup on Friday.  I hadn't really been worried about him meeting his milestones since he has smashed through them, normally only being a week or two behind his cousins.  However, when I checking milestones off his chart for the doctor, I realized that Alex is far behind in his verbal skills.

Alex is very vocal.  I have no problem knowing what he wants or needs.  However, he should be calling us "mama" and "dada" and having a vocabulary of 15 to 20 words.  He is no where near that.  In talking to his doctor there could be a number of reasons why Alex isn't where he should be verbally.  He could either be just too stubborn or sees no use to speak since I can tell read him well without being being verbal.  He could also have some hearing loss because of all the ear infections, and since we were told a year ago that hearing loss in his left ear was likely, I wouldn't be surprised.  Or lastly it could be caused by the nuk.

So no more nuk expect at nap times and bed time.  He isn't allowed his nuk during the day while at daycare except at nap time, however I didn't really enforce the rule at home.  We've gotten past the bottle stage without any fuss, so I figured when we started enforcing the "no nuk" policy at home, it wouldn't be so bad.  I was wrong. 

On Sunday, after coming to terms that we were going to have to start, we gave Alex several chances to hand over the nuk.  He wouldn't.  So Mike took it from him.  Alex then refused to have anything to do with him and would cry if left in the room with Mike.  A couple hours later, Evan saw that Alex had found another nuk somewhere and took it from him.  Alex then decided that Evan was the devil as well.  It was a long day yesterday.

Today we did a little better, but only because Alex was a daycare a good portion of the day.  While I'm sure that the nuk isn't the only reason he isn't verbal, I'm sure it doesn't help.  And I would rather rule it out.

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