Thursday, September 6, 2012

{ first day of school ::slash:: I completely lost it today }

I knew today was going to be an emotional day since it was the very first time that I was putting my Evan on the bus to go to school.   I thought I was prepared for it.  Even excited for him to start on this adventure.  It wasn't until my camera decided to go to camera heaven (after investing in a new battery and charger) that I become an emotional wreck.

So after a few tears (mine) Mike and I headed downstairs with Evan to put him on the bus.  He didn't even look back or blink when the bus pulled up.  He marched onto the bus and quickly sat down, and before I knew it he was gone.

Thankfully this morning I was distracted by a prenatal checkup and needing to run to the office.  Which helped until I got home.  Mike was sleeping and I was left alone with my thoughts and emotions.  I kept hoping that Evan was having a good day.  That he was making new friends and enjoying being constantly busy the entire school day.  And then I lost it.  I cried and cried hard.  I'm sure having raging hormones from being pregnant didn't help, but I'm sure that even if I wasn't I still would have been crying.

After pushing Mike out of bed, we went to Target to get a new camera.  I mean with a child that is just starting school and a baby that will be here in about 10 days...I need a camera.  We made it home a little before the bus came to drop him off and I was able to snap a few pictures.

{ The bus arriving to drop Evan off }

{ Getting off the Bus }

{ First day of School Picture }

{ telling me about his day }

I had been worried that there would be tears when he got off the bus.  But no, he was tired, but thrilled about school (even having his very first fire drill during Music Class).  He's already pumped to go back tomorrow and I'm hoping that he'll at least fall asleep quickly tonight since he now knows what to expect.

I'm so excited for him and this adventure.  I'm glad that he (at least) seems like he's adjusting quickly to going to school, but I know it's only the first day.  I'm hoping that with him going to school, adjusting to a new baby will be a little easier since he'll have a place to go pretty much everyday.  I'm also hoping that now having to have a pretty regular schedule also helps us with being more prepared and organized...but we'll see.  


  1. When my daughter starts school I will TOTALLY be like you and taking pics like this. haha. IF I don't homeschool. haha.

  2. He looks so excited!! Camera's always have a way of breaking at the worst time. Glad you found a new one.

    I can't even imagine... it gets me misty just thinking about first day of school.