Thursday, May 24, 2012

{ build a bear & update }

After we found out we were pregnant and Evan grew suspicious of my constant morning sickness, we told Evan that once we knew if he was having a brother or sister, we would take him to Build-A-Bear to make a stuffed animal for him or her.  Just like Mike had for Evan when I was still pregnant with him.

I did lay some ground rules about what he could or could not pick out (which was basically a Smurf doll I believe).  After looking for several minutes and made sure Evan picked out exactly what he wanted, we were golden.  Evan loved the whole process of helping stuff the animal and putting the heart inside with good wishes for his brother.  Evan was so excited to give the animal a bath and pick out a shirt.

So what did he pick out?

A dinosaur!  If you knew Evan, you wouldn't really be surprised...I wasn't.  Since Evan had such a blast we promised him that for his birthday (which is in a month...holy crap) we'll bring him back and he can pick one out for himself.  Mike also pointed out that he might pick up one of the "mini" dinosaurs that look like the one Evan made since the dinosaur will already be so much bigger than Baby.

Today, I also had my regular prenatal check up with my doctor.  We've had some bumps with the clinic and when I pointed them out, she was pissed about how we have been treated, which made me like her even more.  In any case, Baby's heartbeat was very strong and he's looking good.  Well as good as he can with his damn kidney, which I found out had apparently grown in size from his 19 week ultrasound to his 21 week ultrasound.  However, I was warned by the MFM that it was possible that the measurements from his 19 week ultrasound may not be taken the same way they took measurements...but I'm guessing since I was told the way they are taken are pretty standard, that it's accurate.  In any case, we'll still have to wait until June 28th to get another look and see how it's looking.  Here's hoping it's looking a lot better than it has!

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