Friday, May 4, 2012

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Little boy...oh how I loved getting to see you squirm around.  It was obvious that I'm going to be in big trouble because you are already dancing in my belly constantly...I can only imagine how wild you are going to be once you get out.

My belly sure has grown this week.  We found out that baby was 12 oz at 19w 4d.  I'm starting to get a bit worried that this might mean that baby will be big.  If we could keep it about 8 pounds 7 oz I'll be good, since that's how much Evan weighed when he was born.

Naming this baby is a little harder.  We have no idea.  We've talked about names.  Thrown out ideas but we haven't really fell in love with any names.  It looks like we might just pick out a couple and wait to meet our newest little man before settling on a name.

We bought this onesie after we found out we were having a boy as a way of telling Evan he was having a brother or sister.  He's gone back and forth about what he wanted but now that he knows...he's pretty pumped.

Evan wears out the knees of his pants like no tomorrow....I found a tutorial for "monster" patches on pinterst (here).  I couldn't follow the entire tutorial because of my machine, so I've been hand-stitching them.  Evan thinks they are the cutest things in the world and they are a big hit at school.

This is a car from where my husband works.  I thought it was funny to see one while on my way from Edina to Woodbury.  I took this picture and sent to my husband...apparently I found it way more amusing then my husband did.  Oh well.

life rearranged

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