Friday, May 25, 2012

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I've been obsessed with trying to find the perfect cooler...I really want to pack my lunch for work but since it sits in the car (even with ice packs) by the time I actually go to eat looks gross from sitting in the heat and I end up picking something up anyways...I think I'm going to go pick this one up and hope that it works out!

One of our favorite parks...Kelley Park in Apple Valley...finally turned on their splash pad.  I can't tell you how excited we are.  Evan gets to run around in the sprinklers and on the play set and I can sit in the shade slippin' lemonade and watching him play. 

After Kelley Park, we stopped at Culver's for their custard.  Holy Crap I forgot how good it was!  Only bad side is now that we've stopped there...Evan thinks we need to stop every time after we go to Kelley Park.

Evan and Mike are both obsessed with Mike's phone.  They spend hours passing it back and forth playing random games, videos, and whatever...I love that these two are so close!

Yesterday we took Evan to Build-A-Bear at the MOA (Mall of America) to build Baby a stuffed animal for when he is born.  Evan just loved it all.  I thought it was especially cute to see the dinosaur's tail poking out of the box.

We've been collecting some of the smaller things we will need for baby...we're going to start picking up some of the bigger things in the next few weeks...holy crap is having another small body in our home getting more real!

So we've finally narrowed down our choice of a name for Baby.  One we both agree on and's on the list above.  (well at least the first name is)  We're still up in the air about it so while we love the name we've picked could definitely change by the time baby makes his appearance.

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