Friday, June 15, 2012

{ insta-friday }

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life rearranged 


1. Hello 25 week belly...only 14 more weeks to go
2. Asparagus from the Farmer's Market...oven roasted...yum!
3 & 4.  Super impressed with Evan writing out the words "dog" and "eggs"  but that's just me.
5.  Lunch at Costco...I love Costco
6.  Evan beating the pants off of us at "Trouble"
7.  Homework time!
9.  Band of Brothers...Mike got me hooked on this and the Pacific
10.  We have a name for baby!  I'm so freakin' excited we finally decided on a name.
11.  Bagel bites...never send a hungry pregnant woman to the store for to pick up stuff for lunch.
12.  Pixar stamps...super cute!
13.  Opps!  We forgot to get a "kid-friendly" movie this week for Evan...oh well.
14.  Baby clothes from Costco...I bought like 10 outfit sets.

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