Thursday, June 28, 2012

{ kidney update }

I've been dreading today.  We went in for a follow up ultrasound appointment at MFM to check and see if the fluid in Alex's kidney as improved, stayed the same, or gotten worse.  I had been crossing my fingers that this would be our last appointment with them....but no.

The fluid in Alex's kidney is now measuring 11mm mostly likely caused by a ureteropelvic junction obstruction.  This means I am going back at 32 weeks for another follow up ultrasound and then we're headed to a pediatric urologist for a consult.  This consult we'll most likely discuss a schedule for follow up care.  The perinatologist said this will mean medications, scans, and a timeline for if it the obstruction hasn't corrected itself, when we would discuss surgery (which if needed would be a few months after Alex is born)

The good news is that Alex is still as healthy as he could possibly be.  He's over 2 pounds and some change (I don't remember his exact est. weight but he's closer to 3 pounds than 2) and he's now measuring a full week ahead of schedule.

While I'm still digesting this news, I know that the doctors are going to do whatever is needed for Alex and his kidney.  And this will all probably be way harder for me than for Alex and in the end we'll have a happy healthy baby.

But are the ultrasound pictures from today...

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about your little guys kidney. Thankfully everything else seems great and he looks absolutely adorable.