Wednesday, June 13, 2012

{ manic-depressive game nights }

{ Evan beating the pants off of us playing "Trouble" }

I love board games...I have loved it even more now that Evan's at an age where we can play some old family favorites.  We have a lot of them (most...yes...are the preschooler/jr editions for now).  However, I've noticed the past two nights that we have played ("Trouble" the night before and we went out and bought "Sorry" today) Evan's fits during the game would make someone wonder what the heck is up with his attitude, because he will go from hysterical laughing to crying because he didn't get the number/card he wanted.

Now, I've been trying to teach him good sportsmanship.  Heck he beats the pants off of us 75% of the time and that's with us trying to beat him.  But he pouts for hours after playing if he didn't win 100% of the time.  I try to remind him that everyone has the same chance to win when we play and sometimes it works out in your favor and other times it doesn't.  I also know that this is very well an age thing.  I'm hoping that as we continue to play and teach him how to behave that he'll eventually catch on.  However...there are members of the family that tend to egg this "manic-depressive" behavior on. ::cough:: Mike ::cough::  So maybe I need to sit down with both of them.

Regardless, I love that we have this family time.  It's a fun way to wind down our night before snack, bath, and bedtime.  And I really do hope that as one of Evan's favorite memories is us all on the floor playing games.  (and Alex's too once he's here and old enough)  But I'm hoping that we can turn the poor attitude after games around, but I'll totally keep the hysterical laughing.

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