Tuesday, June 12, 2012

{ thoughts on having two boys }

In 14 weeks (give or take), I will have two boys in my home.  I have been out of the baby game for oh...umm...5 years (Evan will be 6 in two weeks) so I'm a little scared how I'm going to manage.  I'm sure in the end, most of it will come back.  It's not that I haven't been around babies (I have 2 nephews and 2 nieces born after Evan), but it's not the same when you can hand them back to their respective parents after oooing and ahhing over them.

I am hoping that Alex will be easier.  Evan wasn't a difficult baby, he just hated sleep.  And eating.  Still does most days.  Seriously, it wasn't until last year that he finally slept through the entire night without waking up at least once or putting up the battle of the year each and every night when it was time for bed.  Dinner time was a battle because he just wouldn't eat.  Evan will try anything you put in front him, but he would take a couple bites and then swear that he was so full he'll puke.  (he never has)  Most nights now he won't clear his plate, but he'll at least eat more than half of what is placed in front of him.

Even if Alex is another poor sleeper and thinks eating is for the birds, at least I've been there, done that.  But I can hope thought, right?  I do fully expect Alex to come into this world full of piss and vinegar, just like his brother and his dad.  Carver men are not quiet.  They are full of attitude from birth.  With Evan already turning into his dad, I know that I will only get a few short years before I will be chasing two "Micheal Jr's" around.

Although I know that I'm in for a huge adventure with two little bodies in our home, I am excited.

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