Tuesday, August 7, 2012

{ pediatric urologist }

Today, We packed Evan up into the car and headed down the University of Minnesota Children's for a consult with our pediatric urologist to get a her opinion on Alex's kidney and a treatment plan put in place.

While we waited for what seemed like forever, Dr. Lewis came in for our consult.  Instantly I felt at peace that we're dealing with someone who has "been there, done that" before when it comes to the issues we're dealing with.

She explained that while the baby is first developing, the ureter (the tube that connects the kidney to the bladder) is solid.  However, as the baby develops further along (normally in the 2nd trimester) the tube hallows out.  In Alex's case, it's very likely that it did not hallow out the way that it should, and basically blocking the urine's path to the bladder from the kidney.

Besides the concern about the ureter being blocked, Dr. Lewis is concerned about the function of the kidney.  The hope is that the kidney did not miss it's developmental period and once the blockage is fixed either by itself or surgery, that will be the end of our adventure with specialists and the children's hospital.

So as it stands now, Alex will be prescribed antibiotics to help prevent a kidney infection at birth and until we're told to discontinue with them.  He still could get one, but the hope is that the antibiotics will kill all the bacteria that is growing in the pool of urine that is trapped in his kidney.

At a month old, Alex will go back to the Urologist for a battery of tests to confirm the diagnosis and see exactly what kind of function, if any, is left in that left kidney.  This includes an ultrasound of the kidney (basically to see if the blockage is still there or not), a Voiding Cystourethrogram (where they insert a catheter and fill the bladder until he voids - this is to check for reflux in both kidneys...because how fun would that be for him and us to think that the right kidney is healthy only to find out that it's not), and lastly a Mag 3 Lasix Renogram (Alex will be given an IV with dye and they will watch his urinary system to see what kind of function, if any, Alex has in that kidney).

After those tests, we'll have a treatment plan put in place.  Whether that means surgery or giving Alex more time to develop and then rechecking the kidney.  It won't matter if we do these tests or surgery right after Alex is born.  It won't change what kind of function is left in that kidney.  His kidney either developed the way it should in spite of blockage, or it did not.

I am praying that when we go back we'll find out that not only has the blockage fixed itself, but he has 100% function in that left kidney.  However I'm realistic enough to know that probably won't be the case.  So for now, I'm enjoying the last few weeks of pregnancy and making sure Alex gets as fat and strong as he can possibly be. 

{ I can't wait to meet you little one in just 5 weeks and 6 days }

{ I'm kinda hoping you keep your chubby cheeks! }

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  1. Oh goodness I hope everything works out! You're in my prayers!