Thursday, August 16, 2012

{ so brave }

{ Evan on the big slide }

Evan always surprises me.  When I think I have him all figured out.  His quirks, fears, and passions, he does something that completely sees him with new eyes.

I'm sure it's like that with every mom and her children as they grow.  They conquer fears.  Show utter compassion.  And completely become extraordinary people.

Last week we went to the county fair.  I felt bad that since I'm so pregnant and Mike is so darn tall, Evan's choices of rides were limited to only a hand full.  However I spotted the huge slide and figured that both Mike and Evan could go on it together.  However, Mike noticed that Evan was big enough to go by himself and Evan said he would try.  Mike figured worst case Evan would panic and Mike would have to rush up the stairs to be with him.

But he did it.

He made it all the way up the stairs all by himself.  Straightened out his burlap sack and rode down the slide without anyone but himself.  I was a very proud momma.  My little boy who is so scared of heights conquered his fear. 

He has grown so much.  I wish I could keep him small for a little while longer.  But that wouldn't be fair to him.  Plus, I can't wait to see what he accomplishes next.

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  1. What an adorable little boy!! That slide looks so fun. :)