Friday, July 13, 2012

{ friday's letters }


Dear Husband:  I love that no matter how cranky I've been because of work or from just being plain tired from growing a baby that you try to make me laugh.  I know that you are uber excited for baby #2 to arrive and I can't wait to go on this amazing adventure with you. 

 Dear Sleep-Hater:  I hope you understand that all the new things we are trying are to help you.  I know that you absolutely hate bed time and the idea of having to miss out on something drives you up the wall, but I know that if you actually got all the sleep that your little body needed, you would feel a lot more awesome. 

Dear Baby Bump:  Only 9 more weeks and 2 days until you arrive.  I'm so freakin' excited to meet you and so is everyone else! 

Dear Friend:  It was so nice to finally catch up with you.  I know this might be mean to say, but I'm kinda glad moving to Argentina didn't work out and I wouldn't been too bummed if moving to Europe didn't pan out either.  The idea of having you leave for 2 years just doesn't seem very awesome to me.  Sorry...I just like you way too much to have you move across the world. 

Dear pediatric urology paperwork:  you are never ending.  Especially just for a consult.  I would just love it if you could magically fill yourself out so I had one less thing to worry about this next week. 

Dear Sun:  You are on my list.  I was wearing sunscreen and I am burnt to all heck.  I really don't appreciate it. 

Dear Summer:  While I'm not all to happy about the heat...I'm glad that you are here.  I just love the smell and fun that comes with summer.  Too bad you are already half over and the next thing I know it will be 30 below!

{  Seriously...I love your goofy grin Evan! }

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  1. Popping by from the Friday's Letters link-up. Congrats on baby #2! Hope you can enjoy the next 9 weeks without being too uncomfy!