Tuesday, July 31, 2012

{ exhausted }

At 32 weeks I feel like I have hit a brick wall.  Although I'm sure it has to do more with how exhausting this week is both physically and emotionally more than anything else.

I'm at the end of 6 day stretch at work.  I've been running around getting everything pulled together for Bailey to leave on Thursday and I still have no clue when I'll be loading him on the trailer.  Plus we have another follow up ultrasound on Thursday before our big meeting with the Pediatric Urologist next week.

On top of that  I've been trying to get our apartment ready and Evan settled with school starting soon and getting him back into swim lessons, I think I'm about to lose my ever lovin' mind.  Plus little baby has decided that letting me get any sort of sleep is for the birds.

By Friday afternoon I hope that I spend the entire weekend getting all the sleep I could ever want before the baby comes.  And I know these last few weeks are going to be rough and before I know it, Alex will be here and it will be whole other type of exhausted.

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