Tuesday, July 17, 2012

{ pure craziness }

It really all started Saturday during some downtime while one of my clients was napping.  I had remembered that my sister had wanted Evan's toddler bed for my nephew, and in exchange we could have the twin bed and frame she had sitting in her basement.  At the time, I declined because I wasn't too sure about the whole idea and it was in the middle of winter and I was in no way going to attempt to haul beds back and forth in the middle of winter.

Fast forward to  when I was compiling our to do list for before Alex comes, I had questionably put "getting Evan a twin sized bed".  I figured if we got to it...great.  If not it would be one of the first big things we tackled when we moved after Alex was born.  But while I was sitting there, I figured that I would check and see if my sister was even still interested in the trade anymore.

A quick text message later, she was!

So I went home and told Mike that sometime this week we could exchange the beds.  Mike thought that yesterday (Monday) would be the best day.  I told him probably not since I was over-staffed (great for the money...horribly bad on my energy level) and wouldn't be home until after 6 pm.  Mike, however, was determined.

So Sunday we went out and bought bedding for Evan's new bed.  Just so when we got the bed back to our apartment Monday evening, we would have the sheets ready for his bed once we had gotten the frame all together.  But of course things are never that easy.

After Mike and Joe (my future brother in law) loaded up the truck, I went out to make sure that they had all the pieces.  They didn't, nor did Joe know where they were.  So instead of taking the frame and the mattress, we just took the mattress.  Evan ended up bunking with Mike when I slept on the couch last night, which is where I sleep most nights because it's more comfortable.

This evening after I got home from work (thankfully before 6pm) we spent the evening at Ikea.  We narrowed Evan's choices down to 3 and then let him pick the frame he liked best.  After he picked it out we went to go get all the boxes that go with his new bedframe...of course, the piece that holds up the bed was out of stock.  So we made the decision to try another piece to see if it would work.  It was meant for the same size bed, why wouldn't it work?

So as we speak, the sheets are drying (yea...apparently getting my husband to do laundry is out of the question), I'm trying to convince Evan to go to sleep on our bed (I'll move him once we get it all together...hopefully), and Mike has started the task of putting this frame together.

Let's hope it all works out because after work tomorrow, I really just want to sleep instead of running around like we have the past 3 days.  Or I'm really going to lose my mind....just sayin'.

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