Friday, July 13, 2012

{ instafriday }

Holy buckets it's been a while since I've posted an insta-friday post!

So I'm catching up and joining Jeannett at LifeRearranged for Instafriday!

life rearranged


1.  Waiting for dinner at Friday's is why not have your drinks attack each other
2.  Gallon of pickles at CostCo for under 5 bucks...score!
3 & 4.  The boys playing with sparklers...happy 4th of July!
5.  The DS has officially taken over our home...there isn't a time that I haven't found him on it.
6.  Evan's "Whatup?" face
7.  Spiderman slipper socks...we're obessed.
8.  My sleep hater up WAY TOO early even the birds....picture was taken at 530 am
9.  Evan is no longer in the "child" sizes for shoes...:(
10.  Spitting contest results...what my clients can talk me and the nurses into.
11.Only my child would love to pick up horse poop.  I'm serious.  He loves to muck out stalls.
12. Mr. Bailey
13& 14.  After watching "MythBusters :: Super Hero Edition, Evan morphed himself into his own super hero...SONIC!

With the summer almost being over and Alex being here in a little more than 9 weeks...I hope I can remember to pull out the camera more!

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