Saturday, July 21, 2012

{ mommy issues }

We've been having "mommy" issues lately.

Or maybe just personal space issues.  For the past week or so, whenever I am on the couch or laying down, Evan finds me and proceeds to literally lay on top of me.  Whether it's just against my side or on top of my legs, he squeezes his tiny body has close to mine as he possible can.

I normally don't really care and enjoy the extra cuddle time with my buddy, but since I haven't been feeling the best I've become a little more aggitated by this behavior than I normally would be.

He also finds me at night.  He'll go to sleep in his own bed, quite easily now (which has helped both his attitude and my sanity), but around 2 in the morning he'll come find me and proceed to squish that little body into mine.  I've been okay with Evan coming into bed with me or Mike on occassion, but it's now become a nightly event.

I'm not really sure why this has started all a sudden.  I don't know if it's because he sees that we're getting ready for baby and he'll soon no longer be the only in the house, or because I've been gone a lot more between work and all the doctor appointments I've been to.

I'm not exactly sure how to handle it either.  If he really is worried about where he'll stand once the Alex comes, I want to give him all the comfort I can.  But I know very shortly I'll have two boys that are constantly on top of me.

But at the same time I want to teach Evan about personal space and when it's okay to cuddle and when it's not.  Either way I figure I'm in for a fight.  I'm just hoping that when Alex does make his appearance we'll have this issue figured out.

{ good thing you're cute }

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