Friday, July 27, 2012

{ getting some practice }

{ Evan and his cousin, Addison }

Ever since my niece and nephew were born a little over 2 months ago, everytime Evan has been around the twins, we've tried to talk Evan into holding one of them.  He was never interested and said he would just watch.  He said that he would hold "our baby" (aka Alex) but he wasn't to sure about the twins.

Then today I got a text from my SIL with this picture.  I'm not exactly sure how they talked him into it.  I figured that maybe they bribed him.  But when I asked him about it he said that after they had asked him to hold one of the twins, he said yes because he needed some practice for Alex.

Evan has always been an awesome cousin.  He is the oldest of many and he has always wanted to play and watch out for the younger ones.  He's never quite sure about them when they are babies, but as they get older, he's all over them.

But because of that, I know he's going to make an awesome big brother.  He's so excited for Alex to be here and apart of our family.  Every night he says good night to my belly and when ever he sees my belly jump from Alex rolling around, he wants to feel.

While I'm sure there will be an adjustment period and probably some jealousy issues... but I think that everything is going to be fantastic and Evan's going to want to help out as much as he can.

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